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PINK EIGA (PINK FILMS), Japanese Erotic Cinema, is a short-form, independently produced, Japanese erotic movie subculture. Shot on 35mm film with high production values, creativity and artistry, these films run the genre gamut including comedies, romantic dramas, ‘midnight movies’ and horror films. The immense popularity of PINK EIGA in Japan is often due to its strange, extreme, and outrageous storylines. PINK EIGA consistently pushes the boundaries of cultural commentary, giving unique insight into Japanese sub and pop culture that few outside of the country know. Having been in constant production since the 1960’s, PINK EIGA constitutes one-third of all films produced in Japan each year. Even to this day, their productions adhere to a traditional form of filmmaking: they are shot on 35mm film, edited on flatbeds with monaural analog sound, and are theatrically released in triple-bills (since each film’s run time averages 60 minutes). There is some confusion as to the difference between PINK EIGA and AV (Adult Video, Porn) productions. The primary difference boils down to this: PINK EIGA are short form narrative features that feature sexual situations — however all sex depicted in the films is entirely simulated and is typically in service to the larger narrative. Furthermore, PINK EIGA are independently produced by a few key production companies, who also provide the financing as well as the distribution chain to independently run PINK EIGA theaters throughout Japan, which show the films in triple-bills. Interestingly, PINK EIGA has provided a fertile proving ground for a number of award winning filmmakers, who were able to hone their skills of the craft in this independent and creative genre. These include, internationally renowned directors Masayuki Suo (SHALL WE DANCE), Kiyoshi Kurosawa (CURE), and Yojiro Takita (DEPARTURES: Winner of the 81st annual Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film 2009), to name a few. Welcome to the world of PINK EIGA!

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